Bronze Dog Sculptures

Dogs have been an important part of my life, I grew up with whippets. My first dog was a Norwich Terrier cross called Rummy, we lived at the time in a caravan and she rode in an open box on the back of my scooter everywhere. However, although friendly she did not like any of my boyfriends. Over the years I have made portraits of many dogs with all sorts of characteristics, too many to mention, but here are a few memories.

My very first bronze sculpture was a whippet called Pimms. When I finally was able to own another dog I was living in Somerset and had set my heart on a Norwegian Buhund, I finally found Odd Dog – Oddie was a beautiful cream curly tailed Spits with lovely black eye make up.

I wanted to specialise in bronze dog sculptures and did a lot of portraits, sketches and painting as well as bronze sculptures. A friends show setter named Hugo was the next and a bassett called Fred who would only sleep, nothing would wake him – meat, bones, biscuits, he ignored everything so frustrating. One of the hunt puppies who was being walked did the biggest pee you could imagine, all over the kitchen and Ben, a bull terrier, would leap through the air like a ballerina.

All such characters and great fun to catch their personalities.

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