Bronze Garden Sculptures

Sculptures in a garden add an extra dimension.

I do enjoy making big sculptures it’s great fun!  The Big Hare was the first one I did – I moved into the foundry in Simons Town near Cape Town, South Africa for 2 months as I did not know how to set about it! However, it was not so difficult and I was glad of the support and encouragement. 

Garden sculptures do need to be big enough to make a statement in a garden if free standing. However, putting a sculpture on a wall, such as Catch Me can make it stand out – stunning against the sky. Also, using plinths such as Victorian chimneys work well too. 

The sculptures can have extended long metal threaded bars that can go through the base into concrete in the ground to make the sculpture stable in all weathers. The patination will stay much the same but over the years may get greener. The base needs to be hamstone (not wood) although they could have granite, slate or limestone by request.

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